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Big Silence was a band from Exeter in Devon and was the creation of guitarist and songwriters Arthur Cook and Dave Sanderson. Arthur and Dave were busy writing comedy jingles for BBC Radio's 'Steve Wright in the Afternoon' as well as writing and recording several charting singles. Arthur wrote, recorded and performed with several other bands (Arthur Cook) and is the author of several books. David went on to gain his PhD in Musical Composition all the while writing and performing many arrangements. He's recently released his beautiful album 'Songbook' as part of a limited vinyl run.

 Big Silence already established when Paul Mainon auditioned for the band, shortly after moving to Exeter, having already released two well received singles and building a large fanbase. As part of the audition he was given a piece of music to write a melody and lyrics to, and this became 'Eternal Winter'.

Guitars & Vocals - Arthur Cook

Keyboards & Vocals - Dave Sanderson

Bass - Ricardo Fabius Wolkers

Drums - Adrian Waters

The Eye of Horus

'The Eye of Horus' was the only album released by Big Silence and was recorded at ©Tangible Studios on the same desk that Kate Bush recorded 'Wuthering Heights' and her debut album.  It was mastered by KG Engineering and was licensed to ©Tangible Music.

Big Silence - The Demos

This is very rare. These are the demos for 'The Eye of Horus'. There is also a recording of 'Runaway from Reality' from when it was played on BBC Radio Ones Tommy Vance's 'Friday Rock Show'