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The Album 

The plan was always to write an album of songs that we would have loved listening to ourselves, drawing on our influences and producing an intriguing masterpiece of guitar pop, classic hooks and big melodies. 'Postcards from the Back of Beyond' is an album written, financed and performed by New Messiahs. The concept and artwork is also by the band. It was recorded and produced by Alan Smyth (Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, Reverend and the Makers, Richard Hawley) and was mastered by Pete Maher (Killers, U2, Depeche Mode, Scissor Sisters, Katy Perry).  


We did it all ourselves and we're extremely proud of it. It couldn't be any better, taking into account the budget, time and personnel restraints. I can't help thinking though, what we could have done with six months in Abbey Road. Ah well, next time...


What now? We're planning on recording a couple more songs that didn't make it onto the album and we'd like to release it properly as a newer, expanded edition. We're looking for a label or distributer to help us do this. The work is already done and it could be a great opportunity for someone else to get involved. It really feels like not enough people have heard it! So... labels  distributers, managers, agents, production companies, TV and movie people... get in touch! 


The Music 

New Messiahs are a band from Yorkshire, England and the brainchild of the Mainon Brothers. They are as passionate about playing live as they are about song writing and like nothing better than stretching their talent, with topics encompassing tales of childhood, self deprecating celebrities, beautifully destructive relationships, local heroes, their experiences as travellers and the anomalies that they witness along the way. 


The Band

The band has always been brothers Paul Mainon on Vocals and Lee Mainon on Guitars/Vocals. Roger Barnett was along for some of the ride on Bass. When the album was written and it was time for recording, we didn't have a drummer and so enlisted the talents of the incredible Bob Wynne to play all of the drums on the album. When it came to touring the album and playing the songs live, we recruited Gaz Jones, making a formidable foursome and one tight live outfit. The feedback from the shows make it all worthwhile.

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